Scrap Soap Bag

Scrap Soap Bag

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Our One Pound Scrap Soap Bags are perfect for those looking to save on our fantastic, natural, handmade soap or those eco-minded folks who like to use small soap slivers to take with them on all their adventures.

 Each bag is filled with 1 pound of our all natural handmade soap pieces, these are generally end pieces after cutting a full log or 'misfits' that don’t weigh enough.

 Ideas for Using Scraps

  • Wet the pieces and stick one to another. Allow them to dry and they’ll meld together to create a big bar of soap.
  • Place scraps in a soap sack to use in the shower or tub. Easy-Peasy!
  • Cut the slivers into pieces and carry them in your purse. You’ll be able to wash your hands in public restrooms with our natural soap instead of the yucky chemical-laden detergents.
  • Cut the slivers into pieces and pack them in a muslin bag to keep your suitcase smelling great. Then use them at your hotel by the sink, or in the bath or shower. Everyone can bring their favorites.
  • Make a sachet for your drawer or a car deodorizer from our scented soap scraps. Just cut into smaller pieces and place in a muslin bag or tied cotton cloth.
  • Cut into pieces to make single-use soaps for camping or backpacking.

(Supplies are limited and we will only sell these as long as we have scraps available.)

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